Saturday, 29 October 2016

A damp drizzly morning on Spennells this morning, highlight was this nuthatch on the bird feeder.

Not much spare time today so had half hour stroll close to home, saw a lesser spotted woodpecker, couple nuthatches, lots of robins, tits, finches, a jay, couple wrens and think I may have seen my first nightingale, oh how I wish I could have got some photos, hopefully they will come when I have a bit more experience, this bird photography is not easy.

As usual loads of ducks up on Captains Pool, don't know why the brown one was carrying the leaf round with him though.

The leaves are now dropping off the trees quite quickly, hopefully it will help me get some decent bird photos.

Not decided where to go in the morning but will definitely be out taking photos somewhere.

This photo made BBC weather today at 6.45 am, I was still fast asleep though.

This one was taken at Hurcott Pool a couple of days ago and I submitted it last night, so far I have been lucky enough to have 9 images of mine used, 8 of which I took in this current month.

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