Wednesday, 2 November 2016

st mary's Kidderminster and Hurcott Pool

Well here we are into November already, frightening where the time goes.
Dull day yesterday so worked on my accounts, today was really nice but we had the grand-children and if I had to choose between them and photography then I am afraid my cameras would be up for sale.
I did manage a quick trip out though for an hour, first I wanted to record the autumn colours at St Mary's Church in Kidderminster.
Actually quite pleased with this one.

this is a wider view showing the canal.
This is a panorama which involved joining two images together.

From there I had to go past Broadwaters Park so a few quick shots there.
This is such a lovely well kept place and if you are passing then park up and have a look, you will be impressed, the next photo shows a carving of a soldier (if you can spot it), brilliant stuff.

Okay from here I quickly drove up the road to Hurcott, I have to say that Hurcott Pool and Woods is one of my favourite places.
This photo is just inside the gate from the car park, go up for the woods or straight on for the waterside walk.

 This next one is just a few yards away and was used on the BBC weather programme and as Autumn shots go it has to be probably my best one.

And for my final two, for anyone interested in photographing something different, then try looking up.
As Freddie Mercury once sang, 'look up to the skies and see'..........

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