Monday, 28 November 2016

Man flu almost gone, couldn't resist going out tonight though, a lovely sky and I had a few ideas I wanted to try before it went completely dark, so I drove over to Bewdley, light not right for this first shot, plus the sun doesn't set in the best position for photographers.

But the light was there, so few adjustments to camera and moved to where I wanted to be.
Not my best one.

This is a touch better, it does show up any dust on the sensor though, only a couple of flecks though as I cleaned the sensor before I left home.

This one I like.

And this is the one I had planned on taking.
F22 @ 20 secs. ISO 200
The light just right, if I had left it much later the sky would have been grey/black which would have ruined the effect I was after.

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