Saturday, 5 November 2016

Severn Valley Country park and railway

Cold and blustery morning and with the autumn leaves disappearing fast we decided on a walk around the Severn Valley Country Park at Alveley.
This is a great place for a walk, just £2 to park, can't moan at that as it helps towards the running costs of the park and it is well kept.
And just a few yards from the Country Park is Alveley Church, this was taken with my Olympus 5060 which has been converted to infrared, it's a great camera for bringing out the details.

A quick stroll down to the bridge over the river severn, only a few minutes from the car park.
Sun blazing out so out came the camera and tripod.

Can't go wrong here, left for Highley & Arley, straight up for Highley Village and right for the Country park halt and further if you wish.

We went right and a few minutes later arrived at the Country halt.

A train whistling in the distance meant this is where we were stopping for a little while, although we went primarily for the walk there's nowt wrong with taking a few photos.
And sure enough within a couple minutes along came the first one, downside is that it was tender first which was a shame as it had a great head of steam.

We hung around for a while and then along came one from Bridgnorth pulling some goods coaches and with some nice light got a few nice shots.

So leaving the halt behind us we headed up towards Hampton Loade, which is a pleasant walk, some nice views of the river severn along here.

this one has some big horns.

We carried on walking for a short while but hearing another train in the distance we started our return journey, this time I got photos of a double header, not the best as I was shooting straight into the light.

Moved along a few more yards and along came the Tornado, am more than pleased with this one.

Quite pleased with this shot, then decided to make our way home for lunch.
Back over the bridge,

Here are a couple of views from the bridge

Here's a place to mount back on your horse if you had walked over the bridge
fancy a walk to Chester?
And finally back up by the Cafe, quite a view from here.

And that's not all, as it was a Gala on the railway I thought I would pop up to Kidderminster station and get a photo from there.
Unfortunately the light had dropped pretty low so had to drop to a very low shutter speed, hence this isn't as sharp as I would have liked, but I do like the lighting.
LMS Crab 13065

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