Monday, 28 November 2016

Man flu almost gone, couldn't resist going out tonight though, a lovely sky and I had a few ideas I wanted to try before it went completely dark, so I drove over to Bewdley, light not right for this first shot, plus the sun doesn't set in the best position for photographers.

But the light was there, so few adjustments to camera and moved to where I wanted to be.
Not my best one.

This is a touch better, it does show up any dust on the sensor though, only a couple of flecks though as I cleaned the sensor before I left home.

This one I like.

And this is the one I had planned on taking.
F22 @ 20 secs. ISO 200
The light just right, if I had left it much later the sky would have been grey/black which would have ruined the effect I was after.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Belbroughton and Drayton

Well it was a beautiful morning, downside was my man flu, but I was determined to get out with the camera, so we popped over to Belbroughton, parked by the church.

Down the bottom of the bank we turned left by the Queens pub.

Just below the pub is a waterfall, quite scenic actually.

From here we crossed over the road and then beared left for Drayton, very pleasant in the sunshine.

We had intended exploring some of the footpaths, but as you can see from this photo we decided against that idea.

We soon arrived in Drayton which is a pleasant little village, we had intentions of moving forward from here, but my manflu had really got the better of me, so we retraced our steps back to the car. So will now finish off with few more photos and we hope to return again as it is a very nice place to go walking.

I will actually finish off with  couple of photos that I took on my smartphone, took these on the way to picking up our grand-daughter from school.
The first one was used on BBC weather the other night, that now makes 19 of mine used.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

a walk around Chaddesley Corbett

Well a very cold but sunny start to the day, the wife was up for a walk so we drove to Chaddesley church, which was looking real nice in the sunshine.

We made our way up through the village and beared left up the lane which is known as the Holloway, a narrow road so be careful if a tractor comes hurtling your way.
This tree is absolutely smothered in berries, perhaps a sign of a hard winter on it's way.

Still some colour in the trees along this lane

Here's a nice landscape from the lane, saw lots of birds along the way as well as a buzzard, which settled in the far tree but didn't take a long lens with me.

 We had a look along some of the public footpaths of which there are many and came across this beautiful little waterfall, good job I had the tripod with me.
This is in the small Hamlet of Hillpool, when you arrive at the bottom of the bank there is a public footpath on the left just over the small bridge, this will lead you to this beautiful place.

This one was on the way back and saw the last of the sunshine.

All in all we had a very pleasant walk which covered about 4 or 5 miles, we popped into St Cassians for some interior shots, we were married here 43 years ago.
This one is a HDR image.

Very pleased with the images I got.
Lots of rain forecast for tomorrow so doubtful I shall be out, so might be a few days before another walkabout and we haven't finished with the Chaddesley area quite yet.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Super moon kidderminster trimpley

A couple of evenings trying to get a photo of the supermoon, not a walkabout as such but in one place which was Trimpley, a good view of Kidderminster from this spot.
Below are a few images that I managed.
This first one was used in the BBC Weather.

The next one was from a couple of nights before the big event.

First glimpse, took a while as there was quite a bit of cloud cover to start with.

The next one I took before the moon appeared, looking toward Hagley Hill and the monument.

The next is looking toward Dudley and quite pleased with it.

I somehow managed to twist my knee leaving the field and it will be a few days before I get out on another walkabout.

Friday, 11 November 2016

staffs worcs canal caunsall to kinver

Bright sunny start but oh so cold, was tempted to stay at home in the warm but got wrapped up and off I went, parked up at Caunsall and started walking along the canal towards Kinver, only a few yards into the walk and I happened to look up, wasn't sure at first what it was, but it turned out to be a squirrel, the branches he was on were so thin it was amazing how they held his weight, he seemed to be eating some leaves.
I was with my friend Brett and already we started spotting birds all over the place, at first I was more interested in landscapes and here are some of what I captured.

The last three are up by Whittington Lock, photos not the best due to the very heavy low sun, but shall be returning here for sure.
Saw over the other side of the canal a heron and a buzzard, the buzzard pic not the best as he was quite a way from us.

Also saw 3 swans in a field, have a feeling they may have been whooper swans, hope someone responds and tells me if I am right.

We did see nuthatches, long tailed tits, wrens and quite a few other birds, but I didn't go prepared for small birds as I was more interested in landscapes.
Here are a couple of robins, one up in a tree

 And this one quite happily posed quite near to us for a good 15 minutes or so.

This final shot is perhaps my favourite landscape of the morning, you can just see the mist rising off the river Stour and the frost lying in the foreground.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Spennells and Hurcott

A frosty morning and had a few little jobs to catch up with so was early afternoon before I got out with the camera and decided to stay local on Spennells.
Here are a selection of some of my images from today.

There were a few birds around but they will have to wait for another day, from here I popped over to Hurcott for a quick half hour walkabout, the first one shown was used on the BBC weather this evening, I have changed my user name to Spennells Pensioner.

Nothing spectacular but it got me out of the house, can't beat a good walkabout.