Friday, 25 November 2016

Belbroughton and Drayton

Well it was a beautiful morning, downside was my man flu, but I was determined to get out with the camera, so we popped over to Belbroughton, parked by the church.

Down the bottom of the bank we turned left by the Queens pub.

Just below the pub is a waterfall, quite scenic actually.

From here we crossed over the road and then beared left for Drayton, very pleasant in the sunshine.

We had intended exploring some of the footpaths, but as you can see from this photo we decided against that idea.

We soon arrived in Drayton which is a pleasant little village, we had intentions of moving forward from here, but my manflu had really got the better of me, so we retraced our steps back to the car. So will now finish off with few more photos and we hope to return again as it is a very nice place to go walking.

I will actually finish off with  couple of photos that I took on my smartphone, took these on the way to picking up our grand-daughter from school.
The first one was used on BBC weather the other night, that now makes 19 of mine used.

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