Tuesday, 18 October 2016

cold but sunny

After a few jobs around the house which I had been meaning to do for ages I managed to get out with the cameras.
First port of call was Alveley, trying to take a photo of a plaque inside the church for a friend, but light was so poor that I had to manually focus the lens and was just a guess, so dark that I failed, but I will try again.
I did however take this shot of the interior, quite pleased with this one.

From there I drove over to Cookley and had a wander along the canal down Lea Lane, picked up a few chestnuts for the wife (I'm allergic to nuts) took a few shots in the sunshine.

I spent an hour or so walking along the canal, just love it here, spent many hours fishing here as a child.
From here I popped over to one of my regular haunts, Hurcott Pool, didn't stay too long as it was getting quite fresh, nit much about but managed this portrait of a dragonfly.

Time for home now then, stopped just round the corner from home though to see if there was much fly agaric about, have to be quick here as the kids usually kick them apart on their way home from school.

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