Wednesday, 19 October 2016

BBC Weather Watchers

My first one to be used by the BBC was this one
we happened to be at a barbeque at brother in law's house, this tractor was in the field behind so got out my samsung phone and this was the result, I just thought it was appropriate for weather watchers so I opened an account an uploaded it, much to my surprise it was used, this was August 2016.
My second one was in the first week in Ocotber, I had previously uploaded three others but none of these were successful.
Quite pleased with this, someone pointed out on social media about two faces and a mask in the trees, purely tricks of the light, but interesting, this was taken just after sunrise.
Two nights later we were returning home from dropping off the grand-children and we saw this most amazing sunset, so I quickly drove to a layby on the main road and again out came my mobile phone, uploaded and used by the BBC on the same evening, Midlands today and the National News.
Actually very good exposure, am impressed with what these phones can do these days.

The same week I took this one
Just a few yards from home, down on my knees for this one, bet I got some strange looks from the passers by, almost a frost this morning and couldn't wait to get home and upload to the computer, just had a feeling it might turn out to be okay, anyway I uploaded it and was used the same night, Midlands Today and again on the National Forecast. For those who may be interested I used a Pentax k20D with a 10-20mm lens with an eyepiece attached, should always be careful when shooting straight into the sun, not only can it damage the sensor in your camera it can seriously damage your eyesight.
Tonight October 19th 2016 I uploaded one from the same day as I took the faces in the trees shot, this is one of my favourite shots of the year.
So there you go, in the past few months I have uploaded 8 photos and 5 have been used, not a bad average I think and am very pleased with myself.
I will enter again, but only if I think I have a real good chance.

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