Thursday, 13 October 2016


Another form of photography that I am keen on is infrared, I don't go far without my infrared camera which is an Olympus c5060 bridge camera and believe it or not is now 13 years old and still takes cracking photographs, I wouldn't get rid of it at any cost.

This one is from Cookley and shows the Canal and Lea Lane, traditional infrared is black and white, but I enjoy producing them in colour as well.

 And just outside Cookley a landscape, using infrared brings out some great shadow detail as well as enhancing the sky.

Captains Pool, just a few yards from my house, can get some amazing colours by swapping the channels in photoshop.

This one is from Church Stretton, the graveyard is left uncut during Summer to allow the wild flowers to grow.

This one is from Shenstone, I just wanted to try and produce a pictorial image using pylons.

Another from Shenstone.

This one was taken at the Severn Valley Country Park at Alveley and feautures my grand-daughter Martha.

The next one again is from Cookley, this part of the canal is known as Hanging Rock.

Another of my favourite places is Hurcott Pool which is about a mile from home.
This is an overgrown asparagus field.

This panoramic view is from the Brecon Beacons.

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