Friday, 21 October 2016

Red Kites

Early October 2016, week off work and the weather looked brilliant for the wednesday, so a quick call to my mate Brett and we decided we would go to Llandeusant in the Brecon Beacons for a spot of Red Kite photography, Brett had never seen one before.
Part way down we stopped in a lay-by which I have used many times for a coffee stop, weather looking promising already and what a view.
A quick break and we moved on to just past Brecon, couple miles up the by-pass, we both needed the loo, phew what a smell, guess we shan't be using that place again, breakfast caravan there, smelt nice so we decided on sausage sandwiches, wish we hadn't bothered with those either, £2.50 each but helped fill a gap.
After devouring them and a quick coffee we turned round to find the Brecon canal, have seen some nice piccies of this canal on the net so wanted to see for ourselves, think next visit we shall try a bit further along, very pretty place.

After a wander around we then headed off to Llandeusant, there is a farm here that puts out food for the kites and as soon as we arrived we could see the birds circling the farm in readiness, had a wander around before opening time which was 15.00 farmer very helpful, showed us best places in the hide and left us to it, he came back a few minutes later for payment, £4 for this display is a bargain.
Loaded cameras with our big zoom lenses and we were ready, wow as soon as the food was put out it was a real feeding frenzy, got some very reasonable shots of the birds soaring around.
This is the view from the farm, simply amazing and breathtaking.

We hung around for around an hour taking photos of the birds that were returning to see if any food was left and then we called it a day.
Back down the road a few miles we had spotted a place with some potential landscape photos, beautiful place, but sun was getting low and very strong, but hey we tried a few shots.
If you want to visit, this is the spot where we pulled in, just by the cattle grid.
Looks like a nice walking area, so will be re-visiting, only about 4 miles to the Usk reservoir.
Couple of photos of the area just a few yards from this sign, as I said the sun not in the best place here, but pushed for time as we were both hungry and a 100 miles from home.

This last photo was from my infrared camera, I never go far without this.
And there you are, the end of a perfect day for us and will be returning for sure.

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