Tuesday, 25 October 2016

cookley & wolverley canal walkabout

Picked Brett up this morning whilst the sun was shining and sods law we got to Cookley and the sun went elsewhere, never mind we were still doing the walk, it wasn't cold, actually just right for a walk.
These cottages must be so photographed especially from the other side on Lea Lane.
So peaceful walking along here, here's Brett surging along up front looking for rare birds.
You can see now the autumn colours starting to come out, such a lovely time of the year, just got to love doing this walk.
Stopped here and got the flask out, such a pleasure to just stand and look along this stretch, it's sandstone a lot of the way along here, narrowboats are still very active at the moment.

We soon got to Wolverley, had a quick chat with a fisherman who we both new, he wasn't having much luck though.

We were going to walk back along the road, but as we saw a nuthatch on the way down we decided to go back and try and get some photos, luckily Brett got a cracker, sadly I didn't, Brett is getting damn good at this bird photography.
Never mind we shall be back in the same spot again in a couple of days, nuthatches I think are pretty much territorial and we did see 3 or 4 in the same spot for a good hour or so, but waiting for them to settle for a decent photo is like waiting to see the Dodo.
That's about it till the next time.

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