Friday, 21 October 2016

Sunrise, well almost.

Few days after the last early start I did it again, but this time a little later, I decided I would have a walk around the fields and lane where I live. As there are lots of trees I didn't leave so early, I was actually surprised at how strong the sun was when it came through the trees. This was a short walk from Captain's Pool by Spennells, up the lane and came to the field which in October still has quite a few poppies growing.
Down on my knees then for my first shot:

Very pleased with this one and also the next one.

 This was a different clump of poppies, but the sun was coming from a better angle.
From the field I then wandered down along Stanklyn Lane.
I liked the way the light was catching these dead seed heads.
A walk along the lane and back for an hour or so and it was a return home for breakfast.
Just love walking this area and hope when I get into it a bit more that I may be able to post a few interesting blogs.
Photo of Captains's Pool, I live less than 2 minutes walk from here.
Am hopeful I may get some interesting bird shots from this area .

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