Saturday, 22 October 2016

Knapp Papermill worcestershire wildlife trust reserve

Was hoping for a bit of sunshine today, but sadly it didn't happen, well not while we were out it didn't.
Had more or less decided the wife and myself would try a trip to the WWT reserve, Knapp and Papermill, even though it was dull we were not disappointed, a very nice place and earmarked for a return visit pretty quickly.

On drive there we did see some misty scenes from the top of Ankerdine Hill, been quite a while since we have been up there, make sure your brakes are okay though as it is quite steep, but worth the trip just for the views.

This photo is taken from the road before entering the reserve

And this one just a few minutes inside

My best shot from the morning, I can already visualise a better shot with some sunlight on the water, also perhaps take some wellies next time so I can move about in the brook a bit more.
Good boots are needed here for when it is damp as we found out.

We spent about 90 minutes here walking around, plenty of birds heard, I need to research bird sounds as I would like to know what was about and the bird noises were very active, did see a couple of buzzards overhead, walking back to the car I spotted the un-mistakable blue flash of a kingfisher flying down the brook, but never saw it settle.

One tip, take a tripod if going to take photographs, you will need it.

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