Friday, 21 October 2016

Catching up with past exploits

I am a member of two camera clubs, one being the Postal Photographic club I am a member of 2 online circles with this club and also a member of the United Photographic Postfolios of Great Britain, this one I am a member of a postal circle, both are great fun and I don't have to leave home for either, except to take photos of course.
Anyone interested in joining this type of club I can heartily recommend it, I have learned so much already from comments on my photos and have vastly improved my photography.
Earlier in the year I joined the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and below are a few photos from Upton Warren which is near Bromsgrove.

Not as good as what a lot of others are producing but they are images I am happy with, although I have enjoyed sitting in a hide I do get bored when sitting there too long, so I shall be doing a lot more walking in future, also intend exploring a lot more of the Trust's reserves.

So that's it for now, from here on in I shall be doing blogs as they happen and hopefully post some interesting thins from time to time.

Stop press, this morning we had a nuthatch in the garden, now all I need to do is get a decent photo.

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