Friday, 13 January 2017

St Michaels Stourport on Severn

Well we finally had some snow, looked out of the window this morning and it was there, only a couple of mm though, not worth going out really but had to get a photo of it just to prove it wasn't just in my mind.
Minute from home by Captains Pool

As you can see not much at all.
Not been out for a walkabout for a month due to a damn cough and cold which kept coming and going, anyway I seem to have cured that with an old remedy involving lemon, honey & cinnamon, blimey I haven't coughed for over a week now.
Been doing some work on my family tree and wanted to visit St Michael's church in Stourport to have a look round the graveyard, so off I went, blimey it was cold.
Very interesting place and I will be returning very soon.
This is a shot of the ruins, there is a more modern church on site now but some parts of the old church remain.
A walk down the churchyard leads to the worcs/staffs canal.

I had no luck with my research in the graveyard but I have some ideas for some
infrared photography when I return.

This next one is my favourite of the day.
I do love infrared.

Been told the churchyard is a haven for wildlife as well, so perhaps a few bird photographs on my next visit, hopefully.

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